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Waterproofing Services

PENN Home Remodeling offers affordable and effective waterproofing services for your home or business. Protection starts outside the home with yard grading and effective drainage to the street. Indoor protection includes sump pumps, battery backups, and further drainage if necessary.

Yard Grading

Prevent water from entering your home by sloping and shaping your lawn.

Drainage & Irrigation

Divert water from your property with pipes, irrigation pits, and french drains.

Sump Pumps

 Installation of basement and backyard sump pumps with battery backups.


Don't Wait For The Next Flood

We've had a lot of rain this past month in PA. Unfortunately many have experienced the flooding that comes with so much precipitation. We've seen damage due to flooding this past month in excess of $50,000, and it wasn't covered by insurance.  PENN Home Remodeling is offering our expertise to make sure it doesn't happen to your home. How we do it:
Our initial focus is on the outside of your home. Grading your yard to keep water away from your home is the first step. Next is proper drainage using irrigation pits and a french drain to divert water. This is an extremely cost effective way to prevent in-home flooding.
More severe flooding concerns call for improvements inside. Effective drainage sump pumps are a necessity to keep your home and foundation safe. Backup batteries can keep your pumps online in the event of an outage, potentially saving your home.
Every home and its property are different, however. Contact us at PENN Home Remodeling to discuss how we can help keep you safe from any future flooding.


Home Improvement & Remodeling Services

PENN Home Remodeling is a versatile home improvement company with 25 years of unmatched experience. Providing Bucks County, PA with the highest quality workmanship in the area. We are licensed, insured, and Home Advisor screened.
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